Restorative Strength & Pilates

Whether you’re recovering from injury, sick of feeling stiff and creaky, or just want more energy to go about your daily life – we’ll do our best to put the spring back in your step, whilst providing long-term education at the same time.
We think true strength is about creating an adaptable body that can keep up with whatever you want to achieve in life. Elements of Clinical Pilates are combined with a functional-training approach to help you improve posture, coordination, strength, and body awareness.

Our restorative exercise classes focus on:

  • Increasing full-body mobility, releasing ‘tightness’
  • Improving core strength with correct abdominal activation
  • Preventing reduction in bone density and muscle loss with strength and power
  • Training balance, agility & coordination
  • Learning to (genuinely!) enjoy movement and exercise


Our classes are free from intimidation or ego. Instead you get a welcoming community, individual support and an instructor who knows your name and just wants you to feel your best.

Our classes are held overlooking the ocean at Toowoon Bay Surf Life Saving Club, 160 Bay Rd, Toowoon Bay NSW 2261.

We run regular classes morning, noon and night from Monday-Friday. Contact us to check the availability of your preferred time.

Pricing is structured in 10-pack blocks and depends on whether you would like to do one or two classes per week. Alternatively, you can attend as many classes as you like with a monthly subscription. More info can be read on our pricing page.

Ready To Get Started?

Get In Touch

Contact our friendly team via phone, email, or Facebook. We’ll have a chat about your background, goals, and any relevant medical history. We’ll do our best to answer your questions and then we can book you in for a 1-1 initial assessment.

Have an Initial Assessment

Meet us in person at your 1-1 initial assessment. This will help determine the most appropriate classes for your goals and lifestyle. Plus it gives you a chance to decide whether we’re right for you!

Book In Your Class

Keen to go ahead? That’s great! You can sign up for a 10-week pack of 1 or 2 classes per week, or go straight for an unlimited monthly subscription. Book into your sessions and enjoy moving your body each week.