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The Initial Assessment

Central Coast Exercise specialises in working with older adults, as well as people with complex medical histories, chronic pain and various different health conditions. We aim to make all our classes as personalised as possible.

With that in mind, if you know that you have a complex medical history, or you’re nervous for whatever reason about exercise, we strongly recommend doing the 1-1 initial assessment prior to doing your first group class.

It’s a valuable part of the process that can help to put your mind at ease, and gives us a better idea of how we can safely help you to achieve your goals. Anyone who completes the 1-1 assessment will get their first class for free. 

The purpose of the 1-1 assessment is to allow you to get individual advice prior to joining a group setting. We look at your posture, mobility, core control, and functional movement, and you’ll get specific cues and exercises to work on at home, as well as in your group classes.

We’ll discuss your fitness background, any relevant medical conditions, and also what you’re hoping to achieve from joining our exercise programs.

This is also your chance to ask questions and make sure that you’re happy and comfortable to join the Central Coast Exercise community. There’s no obligation!

After the assessment, we’ll advise which classes will suit you best and how to book in. For complete beginners, we may recommend 2-3 Personal Training sessions prior to joining the group setting.


Ready To Get Started?

Get In Touch

Contact our friendly team via phone, email, or Facebook. We’ll have a chat about your background, goals, and any relevant medical history. We’ll do our best to answer your questions and then we can book you in for a 1-1 initial assessment.

Have an Initial Assessment

Meet us in person at your 1-1 initial assessment. This will help determine the most appropriate classes for your goals and lifestyle. Plus it gives you a chance to decide whether we’re right for you!

Book In Your Class

Keen to go ahead? That’s great! You can sign up for a 10-week pack of 1 or 2 classes per week, or go straight for an unlimited monthly subscription. Book into your sessions and enjoy moving your body each week.