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About Your Instructors


Originally from the north of England, Roslyn got her Personal Training and Group Exercise certificates in London, where she worked across a range of gyms and studios before moving to Australia in 2017.

Roslyn has a degree in dance and movement but swapped dancing shoes for powerlifting sneakers after graduating from uni. Since then she has trained in a range of movement styles, including Olympic Lifting, Pilates, and Yoga – and more recently calisthenics, aerial silks and even flying trapeze!

In studios and clinics throughout Sydney and the Central Coast, Roslyn gained significant experience in exercise prescription for older adults. She is a CETI accredited Advanced Cancer Exercise Specialist and has completed Neuroplasticity in Parkinson’s Training Certificates with PD Warrior.

Roslyn’s aim is to get her clients to learn to love movement for movement’s sake and to find fun and joy in the process – as well as in the end goal.

Roslyn has experience working with a wide variety of clients, all of whom have different backgrounds and goals. As well as her Personal Training Certificates, Roslyn undertakes CPD courses every year to widen her knowledge and improve her instruction.

Certificates & Accreditations

  • Advanced Diploma of Personal Training
  • Certified Pilates Instructor with the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute
  • GP Exercise Referral Instructor
  • CETI Advanced Cancer Exercise Specialist
  • Level 1 & 2 PD Warrior Neuroplasticity in Parkinson’s Disease
  • Group Exercise & Fitness Instructor
  • AUSactive Accredited


Kasey was inspired to study fitness after strength training and the sport of powerlifting helped her to not only find exercise she loves, but also helped her lose over 20kgs and improve her mental health!

She is a level 3 strength systems coach and her classes focus on correcting form, increasing strength and mobility, to help you feel strong, empowered and get you moving pain free.


“My teaching philosophy is all about simplicity; removing distractions and connecting your mind with your body. With guidance and concentration you can activate new found muscles, increase stability and tone in a targeted way! This is why I love mat pilates – it’s just you and your mat – nowhere to hide! I see pilates as training for life – it’s highly adaptable to suit all fitness levels and can be a beautiful gentle way to regain strength, flexibility and confidence when coming back from time off or injury.

 My goal as a teacher is to empower my students to make choices for their own body, whether by choosing the layer in an exercise that feels right for them, to try something new, or to give something old a go again to see what improvements they can make.”