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An Introduction to classes at Central Coast Exercise

Welcome to Central Coast Exercise, where fitness meets community in the heart of Toowoon Bay! We’re dedicated to enhancing the well-being of our local older adults through a variety of specialized classes held at the Toowoon Bay Surf Life Saving Club, Monday to Friday. 

With a strong focus on healthy and functional ageing, our classes are also designed for people with chronic pain, various health conditions and injury rehabilitation. 

Restorative Strength and Pilates:

Restorative Strength and Pilates is a fusion of Clinical Pilates Rehab and Functional Strength Training. Using matwork and various small equipment, this session is perfect for enhancing core stability, refining posture, and mastering techniques for strength.

Full Body Strength and Stretch:

Discover the benefits of our Full Body Strength and Stretch class, featuring strength training circuits utilizing bodyweight and equipment. Following this, indulge in mobility exercises and stretching to promote overall muscle and bone strength progression.

Pilates Foundations

For those seeking a slower-paced session, our Pilates Foundations class is based on Clinical Pilates matwork. Focus on mobility, posture, breath work, and core strength in a supportive and calming environment.

Neuro-active Class:

Engage in our Neuro-active Class, a standing session designed to challenge balance, coordination, and agility. Rooted in principles from neurological rehab, this class is tailored for those managing conditions like Parkinson’s disease, MS, or stroke recovery.

Getting Started:

Embark on your fitness journey by scheduling an Initial 1-1 consultation. During this 45-minute session, we’ll discuss your medical history, fitness background, and goals. You’ll also get a better idea of the principles, techniques, and exercises featured in our classes. 

At Central Coast Exercise, we believe in creating an inclusive fitness community where every participant is seen and supported on their journey toward healthier, happier living. Join us in embracing the benefits of exercise tailored specifically for healthy ageing. Book your consultation today.